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Wine Descriptions



Pino Noir

pino noir.jpg

RS 0%

Heavy Tannin Dry Red

RS 0%

French Oaked

War Horse Red

RS 0%

A Deep Toned, Fruity Chambourcin

war horse.jpg

St. George's

st georges.jpg

RS 0%

Full Bodied Cab Sauvignon

Dark & Smoky 

Four Kings

RS 0%

Heavy Tannin Dry Red

four kings.jpg

Cabernet Franc

cab franc.jpg

RS 0%

Light & Bold

Painted Lady

RS 0%

Dry French Seyval

painted lady.jpg

Pinot Grigio

p grigio .jpg

RS 0%

Fruity & Delicious



RS 0%

Unoaked Chardonnay


RS 1.5%

Award-winning Estate Wine With Hints of Citrus & Strong Floral Notes


Made in the Shade

RS 1.5%

Estate Traminette & Seyval Blend

made in the shade.jpg

School's Out

RS 2.5%

Blend of Riesling, Vidal, and Cayuga

schools out.jpg


RS 2.5%

Cheers to This Semi-Sweet Riesling 


Cat's Eye White

cats eye white.jpg

RS 6.5%


Sweet & Delicious 

Happy Sloth

RS 7%

Pink Mango Catawba

happy sloth.jpg

A Kiss Goodnight

RS 8%

Our Sweet Traminette

kiss goodnight.jpg

Cayuga for a Cause

RS 8%

Cayuga White With Light Citrus Tones

cayuga .jpg

Blackberry Merlot

RS 2.5%

A Marriage of Merlot With Sweet Blackberry

Chancellor Blend

RS 7%

JVW Classic Red

Semi-sweet Table Wine

Cat's Eye Red

RS 6.5%

Sweet Red Made From The Classic Concord Grape

Red Headed Stepchild

RS 9%

A Perfect Blend of Two Favorite Grapes

Concord & Niagara

Summer's Tanager

RS 10%

100% Red Raspberry 

Morning Thief

RS 8%

100% Strawberry

2017 Best of Show PWA

Red Wing Blackbery

RS 8%

100% Blackberry 

Blueberry Bunting

RS 12%

100% Blueberry

blueberry carli.jpg

Purple Mountain

RS 10%

100% Plum

Midnight Howler

RS 12%

100% Cranberry

A Perfect Pair

RS 12%

100% Pear With a Hint of Ginger

Autumn Harvest

RS 14%

100% Apple Spiced

Great Warm or Cold

Black Forest

RS 14%

100% Dark Cherry Wine Blended With Chocolate 



Royal Red

RS 4%

Alcohol 20%

Fortified Cab Franc With Warm and Deep Flavors

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